3 Ideas For Birthday Decoration Ideas For Girl

3 Fun Birthday Ideas Decorating Ideas For Girls at Home
Decorating Birthday at Home – Create a parent who plans a concept for a child’s birthday. Certainly need information about the birthday decoration is not it? For that I want to share information about children’s birthday decoration ideas, Hope can be useful yes.

Often, interesting anniversary theme we meet at restaurants, tourist attractions or other. We can also make your own unique and cute decoration at home.

For that, it takes an idea that is used to base the design of the birthday decoration. Well, some theme of Birthday Decoration Ideas For Girl here can be applied and adapted to the home birthday decorations simply.

All sorts of Pink

Birthday decorations with a pink sundry theme can be applied for girls’ birthdays. This charming and beautiful decoration themed ‘Serba-serbi Pink’.

The theme is pink, the meaning is pink flowers as if the room like a garden. Decorative decoration is good applied to the dining table or living room of your house.

In order to make the impression of the pink garden more pronounced, the design of the table together for the main event, the pink tablecloth. Coupled with a flower vase that contains flowers from pink paper.

Do not forget the wall decoration table design, can be added accessories such as decorative balloons with beautiful pink. In order to be compact, all family members can wear pink clothes as a form of cohesiveness commemorating the special day of the child. this is perfect for Birthday Decoration Ideas For Girl


Birthday decoration with magic or magic concept. This theme is great for girls and boys birthday events.

Looks like this magic concept is very interesting for you to do. If you have the ability to shoot magic, you can try to make your entertainment moment of family event like your child’s birthday.

On the internet many available simple magic tricks are easy to learn, and juag magic equipments are also sold on the internet.

However, if you are celebrating a child’s birthday party openly and invite your child’s friends. You are not an expert in playing magic, it looks like you need help or upcoming guests of a magician to apply this concept.

Then for the decoration to adjust to the needs for the needs of a magician. It is recommended that a magician be a professional person and you are familiar. This one theme is not easy, it costs more.

This will be very interesting to do, but if you have trouble finding a trust person, this theme is not necessary for you to try, there are many other interesting as well.

Candy Crush

Another interesting child’s birthday decoration is the décor of beautiful sweets. Keep everything genuine and can be eaten yes.

To decorate how? Simple, you can order a variety of candies such as chocolate candy, milk with a variety of colors and shapes. Then set it on a table.

In addition to this theme, there are pictures of candy on paper taped to the wall, decorated with balloons and colored paper.

This theme can be considered because it is not easy and need more cost. The reason? In addition to cookies, you need to choose the right vendor to be able to make candy in accordance with the taste and shape that we want.

This concept is great for children’s birthday celebrations openly, can be quite lively and you can still do it at home.

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