3:2 House from MÉTODO

Architecture is actually a picture of the present means of living. It’s just a synthesis of humankind in an occasion specific span. Following the industrial revolution using the rising reproduction of massmedia, the introduction of new substances and fresh methods of transport; the theory of a conventional interior space has been transformed to a conversation involving inner and outside. This shift also contested the bounds of both public and private spaces.

3:2 House gets got the aim to question both the visual and physical boundaries of distance inside single family home. We feign to develop a visually consistent and attached place that’s tied to means of a gradient border –in the place of the usual bodily wall- involving your public and private regions of a home.

The job is divided into four classes: bedrooms at the zone; studio and library at the semi private; dining and living rooms at the people area and also a services area. The individual area awakens in to the semi private, and also the semi private unifies to the people location. It’s really a gradient transition of private distances which promotes interaction between its people without sacrificing the basis of classic spaces.

Even the fantastic windows facing south, and also the tiny diversity in its own substances; create it quite a comfortable house because of the latitude, also offer it a classic yet contemporary atmosphere.
Photography Thanks to MÉTODO

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