Casa Sierra Leona: A Mexico City Homage to Modernism

This spectacular house from builder José Juan Rivera Río is situated about the Mexico City sprawl’s borders. Built-in 2014, its motivation is taken by the house in the modernism of the 1960is but places its stunning contemporary perspective about the design.

on the borders of Mexico Area, within the Lomas de Chapultepec community (or colonia), the home is impressive from all perspectives.

An extensive courtyard of the home within the entrance is created feasible due to a half, two and its location yards above street-level.

Lamps in the overhang illuminate both the rock deck and also the wraparound porch below.

angular building and The flat-roof are impressive, which makes it simple to lose monitoring of where the inside begin.A flawless beautiful garden and also the outside finish is simply yet another smooth function within this thoroughly made house. Here we are able to begin to see the materials – below piled just how they have the ability to produce much more visible duration and blocks –.

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