Collapsible Moon Lamp Unfolds Comparable Photo-Mirror

The moon, sun, stars and other colossal parts have always been and will always be a source of inspiration for painter and designers for making various colorful and fantasy objects and works of craft.
We’ve earlier shared communal moon-inspired lamps: Moon moony table lamp, ambiental Luna orb lamp and Lunair wall lamp inspired by moon eclipses.

Today we are sharing one other bit inspired by the moon, and it’s a soft and useful Moon lamp.
Japanese maker Kazuhiro Y brings around an accidental twist to brighting furniture with his collapsible moon lamp
Thanks to a photo following architecture, the user can wield the object in such a way to make it develop or debacle.

For the brighting detail, Kazuhiro Y has ingrained a LED layer which is placed inside the corner of the spring steel cage — towards the center of the sphere.. As a result, the continued surface of the lamp light up itself like a full moon. The colors of the LED can also be changed to achieve modern hues and atmosphere.The concept of the lamp is global and simple, it will easily fit any modernized interior, you can pin it on the wall or locate right on the floor, so classly for parties!

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