Create Your Own Fiber Optic Halloween Decorations

Halloween celebration is not part of the culture in Indonesia. Nevertheless, the excitement of Halloween Fiber Optic Halloween theme ala Halloween west country which is quite interesting is widely used by people in various places, both for the home and outdoors.

People who celebrate this party even make or rent a special costume, Fiber Optic Halloween Decorations, ranging from funny to scary, and wearing it when hanging out together.

If you also want to celebrate Halloween excitement with friends at home, consider some ideas from the following to prepare Fiber Optic Halloween Decorations without the need to spend big.

Tombstone grave in the yard

This simple decoration can make the home page scary. You can make it from used cardboard that is painted with gravestone tombstone color is dark gray. Add some large pebbles to resemble the way to the gravestone tombstone.

Giant spider

A spider will certainly fit perfectly with the Halloween theme at home. Make your own from some large black plastic junk, fill it with materials like newspaper or leaves. Make 8 pieces to be feet and 1 piece larger size to be the body of the spider.

Use glue guns to stick strongly. For the spider’s eye, clip a plastic cup. You can make some fruit and put it on the front porch or hang it on a tree.

Ghost of a milk box

If you have several containers of bottles or milk boxes at home, use to be a decoration in the hallway of the house. Put the wax into the container, then clip the ghostly face off the black cardboard.

If it is pasted into the box, stack it along the hall and light the candle. Candlelight will have a dramatic effect from the milk box.

A flying hand

Turn a plastic glove into a floating hand. Place in strategic places at home and fill gloves with snacks such as popcorn and candy.

If you want to make it into decoration, you can put the jelly in it to give a realistic effect of those hands. If you want to make a bloody effect, cut some red paper and insert it into a glove.

Glass specimen

You certainly have a few glasses or glass jars at home. Turn the table into an experimental laboratory rack. Fill a glass jar with water and dye food drops. Use different colors in each jar.

To add to the impression of Halloween, use accessories such as fingers, eyes or tengkorang made of rubber. If there are old dolls that have been used, take the head only. Place the lights behind these jars to give a dramatic effect of light.

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