Daring Multicultural House In Istanbul

Designer Ozelgin includes a modern interior planning having an organic perspective and did the S-House in Istanbul. Ozelgin had the process of making a multicultural style to fulfill the homeowneris lifestyle-all while presenting the builderis idea of utilizing organic components that match the outside of the house. He produced an area saturated in timber designs and organic rock that produce the organic environment while integrating contemporary advantages and stylish design and fulfilled this problem. Each ground of the house was created because and having a diverse idea of the steep property which it rests; the most effective ground is clearly the entry. As the middle ground has got the home this ground also includes all of the rooms in your home, and also the ground-floor includes a living location saturated in a steam-room, technology along with a sweat. This ground can also be available to swimming and the exterior deck. This home includes an environment developing a relaxed power through the house and an urban-style. The designs and supplies of rock and timber allow an all natural existence as luxuries and the fixtures give the contemporary sense. The illumination in your home is minimum focusing sunlight’s use within the room in the place of artificial lighting that is plentiful.

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