Dozo Chair With Unified Wooden Rod

Apanese company Torafu Designers has created a number of stylish wooden seats with walking stick that is integral addresses. Each edition of the Dozo table is filled with an objective created stick, which equally acts like a uniqueness knee for that table so that as an easy method of assistance to aged customers because they operate and take a seat.

This table beckons passersby to sit down down as though stating ‘dozo suwatte kudasai’, that will be Western for ‘please, possess a seat’. The company desired to produce a couch that would be discussed by passersby, while staying the home of the private person in creating the seat. The Dozo table is available in 3 personal designs, each having a diverse stick handle style: a u shaped mind, a dome head along with a conventional stick assistance.

Stylish and easy, the Dozo table is constructed from simply two main supplies: red forest can be used for that chair while metal can be used for that body and thighs — among which stretches through the timber to be always a stick. The seat’s beveled sides set using sloping mind and the curved metal feet of the stick to produce a welcoming and sleek outline. The company wish that fun style and the simple character of the table may motivate opportunity interpersonal activities and downtown relationships.

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