Essential Tectonic Clock That Display Time With Gloom

Love essential and innovative architecture? I’ve got an eye-candy for you! Today we are allocation a clock that has a figurative architecture: time that is seen in gloom behind us. The anatomical alarm by Andreas V makes a recent access to the simple clock by settle a aggressive sheet of keys on finest of the clock’s grip.

Time can hereby both be try and seen as shadows on the watch’s shallow. Each passing hour and minute is defined by a change in the exterior.The Tectonic Clock’s simple and geometric shape gives it a sense of unity and places it as a natural continuation in the Scandinavian design tradition.

Available of frill, this minimalistic timepiece offers an entirely new twist in telling the time that can be both seen and felt! Such a cool piece will decorate any transparent wall and adorn fit any modernized or minimalist area,and I also like the philosophical idea behind the clock: it’s always great when there’s something thought over in the concept.

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