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Dee and that i like to entertain thus making rooms that feel heat and hospitable is vital to United States. This Fall, Tommy Hilfiger Home Decor galvanized by classic, autumnal colours in jewel tones: burgundy, time of day navy, city and forest. Tommy Hilfiger Home Decor favor to use art or nice vintage accent items to feature a pop of color to a room!”

The great yankee graphic designer John Milton Donald Arthur Glaser once declared, “There ar 3 responses to a bit of design—yes, no, and wow! Wow is that the one to aim for.” Tommy and Dee Hilfiger apparently endorse that notion. the style mogul and his partner have planted their flag on an excellent stretch of solid ground simply north of Miami with a home outlined by spectacular moments, arbitrary thrives, and astonishing coups Delaware théâtre. during this case wow! may well be a sarcasm.

“We’re here for the weather, the Latin flavor, the art, and therefore the palm trees. Most of all we’re here for the fun,” says Tommy. The residence conjointly provides a base close to his latest business venture. Hilfiger, United Nations agency oversubscribed his fashion label many years past however remains its principal designer, recently purchased the Raleigh edifice in urban center, and he plans to regenerate the art movement gem beginning in 2015.

But 1st he and Dee had their own renovation project to tackle. The house they settled on was a 2007 fashionable structure, providing some fourteen,000 sq. feet. Size was crucial, because the couple desirable area for works from their intensive collection that had long been control in storage.

“Our Connecticut home feels terribly country, with many art, and our place in Mustique encompasses a a lot of British Colonial atmosphere. we tend to needed to be ready to showcase the colourful large-scale artworks that did not be elsewhere, conceptually or size-wise,” Dee explains, pertaining to their hoarded wealth of Pop and post-Pop treasures by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, and others.

To realize the energetic, art-friendly abode they imaginary, the couple turned to l. a. specializer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Having loved his facility with daring gestures and group action major art into domestic settings—specifically, his work the L.A. residence of Elton John and David Furnish—the Hilfigers noncommissioned Bullard to assist conjure a home attuned to the rhythms and colours of Miami.

“Tommy and Dee clearly have an implausible sense of fashion, thus my job was to translate their vision into interior areas that feel spirited and compelling,” says Bullard. “Together, we tend to formed the house as half picture gallery and half 1960s–’70s discotheque madness.”

The designer started by commutation omnipresent dark-wood panelling and expanses of travertine with clean white walls and new flooring of white-glass tiles to cultivate a pristine aura. For graphic distinction he reclad the central steps in black marble—a strategy reiterated within the black and white stripes on the room floor. Once the scenery was set, it absolutely was off to the races.

“I told Martyn, ‘If it isn’t shagadelic or groovy, it isn’t returning into the house,'” Dee recounts, describing her criteria for furnishings and finishes. faithful type, Bullard duty-bound with a kaleidoscopical array of colours, materials, and furnishings, all deployed in vignettes that scream glamour and desirableness.
The heart of the house is that the voluminous lounge, presided over by a monumental cooperative painting by Andy Warhol and Basquiat.

Ignoring stale precepts that dictate the isolation of art from decoration, Bullard compute the painting’s vivid hues in AN orgiastic hair-on-hide carpet that includes lavish swirls. He conjointly commissioned reeditions of classic sofas by Vladimir Kagan and facet tables by Willy Rizzo to inhabit the area.

Helping to strike simply the correct note of discotheque decadency ar key items by the yankee furnishings designer Paul Evans. within the feeding area his reflected Cityscape chairs be part of a equally spirited table supported one amongst his styles, whereas the main bedroom boasts a gleaming bed he devised. ne’er one to flinch at coating the liliaceous plant, Bullard accented the bed with a huge throw of Mongolian lamb’s wool that cascades onto a platform lined within the same material—an deference to Betty Catroux, the legendary avatar of Parisian stylish. And he upholstered the Evans feeding area chairs in cerise animal skin, set them atop a black-and-cream zigzag carpet, and swathed the area in chain-mail curtains.

“It’s like AN acid trip that takes you to Miami via Paris and big apple within the ’70s,” Bullard says with fun.
Asked whether or not any of the planning decisions crossed the road into the outré, Tommy demurs: “I have fond recollections of the Studio fifty four days. once Dee and Martyn showed up with a large discotheque ball from a club in Capri, I said, ‘Bring it on!'”

With sev en youngsters between them, the Hilfigers needed to take care that their coast pleasure dome was appealing for family gatherings. thereto finish, Bullard crafted a series of de luxe bedrooms tricked get into stunning colours and patterns—giant yellow dots, red-and-white candy stripes, shimmering bimetallic swirls, and maybe most sportive of all, scratch-and-sniff fruit wallpaper (yes, with scent) in many of the guest baths.

then there is Tommy’s personal workplace, that pays tribute to the Hilfiger complete with a mosaic of wall panels in blue and red with white reveals. To underscore the impact, Bullard mounted a red, white, and blue work by Jean Dubuffet on one amongst the walls. Doctrinaire art-world habitués might scoff at such a brash arrangement, however at the Hilfigers’ dazzling digs, it is best to recollect the words of the legendary Miami style showman Morris Lapidus, United Nations agency summed up the tenor of the city within the title of his 1996 autobiography: an excessive amount of is rarely Enough.

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