Hot !! Car Themed Home Decor !! You Must Know It

Many car enthusiasts are always craving car themed home decor for their home. Especially boy All Age from child to adult is their big fan. Hotel V8 in Stuttgart, Germany. The bed and room are made of real cars. Guests can sleep in all cars including Caddilac, Morris Minor, Mersedes and many others. There are 34 rooms in total and some of them have car themed home decor which is very wild.

Try to imagine if your home room furniture is made of all car elements, as described earlier it is not the whole room just the bedroom alone. There is a design collaboration between Andrea Colombo (interested in iconic cars) and Linda Assandri (likes Swarovski and glam detail) led to the development of the Glamor Beetle Chair. They combine elements of baroque and car art, such as the real Volkswagen Beetle MY1968 wing and seats with Swarovski crystals and LED lights. The piece comes with a solid layer on a silver or gold leaf, produced by a team of highly qualified Italian craftsmen. This design is like disney cars themed room decor

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Hey it isn’t Done haha, you are uninterested in the thought of your room fridge?
Ever imagine if the icebox may also be made from automotive parts?
If you’re thinking that that is simply your joke WRONG, Devparade came up with {the idea|the thought|the thought} for your icebox concept automotive made up of 0.5 half the recently refurbished vintage automotive with inbuilt icebox in your room .Smeg recently teamed up with “Fiat style assortment five hundred “, the creator of the popular assortment of edict five hundred article of furniture, for this cool uber retro icebox is created of recent ceramic, chopped, Fiat 500. Open bonnet and you may notice totally practical icebox with one hundred cubic decimeter unit} capacity, controlled by edict five hundred inbuilt dashboard And even features a real work light! out there in white, inexperienced or red

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Is it over? NOT YET, Devparade still has more ideas for car concept, we recently found an idea for a car concept room made by Polish Designer from LA Design Studio has created this amazing collection of custom-built car furniture. It is designed with retro and handcrafted style of aluminum, leather and genuine car parts. The collection is called Spirit of 427 and inspired by the classic AC Cobra 427 and the 60s spirit. The original bumper, headlamps, body parts and fenders are linked together so you can even think that they are specially designed for this collection of furniture. Of course such furniture is expensive because it takes 400-500 hours to make just one furniture item. Like a stylish race car themed room decor

How do you guys car lovers? Is this idea suitable for your home decor? I’m sure 100% SURE COCOK, because this idea is so amazing and cool. You will feel the nuance in the car that makes you always comfortable. You can also find other Ideas on this Website. Because here is a Warehouse Idea For Home Decoration

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