House in Begur from PE PE Gascón Arquitectura

Situated in Begur, Spain, this contemporary cement house has been designed in 2015 from PE PE Gascón Arquitectura.
Two-storey dwelling over looking the ocean at a sloping plot, that will be obtained by means of a gangway into the top floor amount, agreeing to private usage.

The groundfloor shows it self completely available into the ocean at the corner, enjoying a patio with pool and also chillout. The perpendicular communicating can be found in the middle spot of the home, through an expressive stairs.

The home is painted in chocolate colour, constituting its camouflage at the neighboring landscape of pine trees and stones. Even the materiality of this rail of the balcony, even very open-work, favors the huge celebrity with the home, that could be that the Mediterranean Sea, the key reason it’s been built.

Photography from José Hevia

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