Innovative And Authentic LED Lamps And Mirrors Collection

Dutch maker Maarten Baas and Bertjan Pot have mixed their definite styles to build a territory of lamps and light-up mirrors for homemade products manufacturer DHPH.The products are developed from unevenly forged colored clay encased around steel cage – a material that Baas has worked with for many years.

Stout gem-shaped LED bulbs that Pot has previously used to build carnival-style brighting are embedded into each of the bit in various arrangements. The mirrors are ringed by cage build from the clay-covered steel.A tall standing design with a rounded top has three board, with the side branch angled lightly inwards.

The wall-mounted version has a flat square chunk that supports another studious surface above, which points down to fair the top of the user’s head. Look at the images of their works down!

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