Itamabuca House from Arquitetura Gui Mattos

Inspired by character, this Contemporary concrete house

The home, positioned a T Itamambuca shore, has its own beginning Point on the circumstance and this app. Near the sea shore and surrounded with a compact and rich volcano vegetation, your website pointed towards an easy conceptual penetration. The customers, moreover, brought a way to occupy the distance from the very integral fashion.

The job defines itself aligning just two Distinct inputs That originated from such desires. First a racional square-shaped concrete slab which defines clarity a floor into lean on a roof to secure.

The floor floor lifts marginally against the normal terrain and Comes up measure upward to the frequent distance or finally a seat to take pleasure in nature. The top slab joins structural processes with the fluidity of this distance generated inbetween the aim of earning from the pure insolation, venting and the volcano atmosphere.

The Top slab, also an inverted prism with All its columns on The boundaries, are positioned simetrically allowing the openness towards most of guidelines accentuating the lasting connection between shelter and nature all through all the frequent space.

At a comfy and personal setting, the inward regions are Located in a very simple and gentle pre-cast wooden arrangement which places ontop of this cement slab as though it had been only yet another bit of carefully chosen furniture which writes the entire.

Photography from Nelson K-ON

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