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Urbanization process in Vietnam that’s regarded as the evolution, however in our opinion it’s the disease and vandalism. Folks are driven into your home where they aren’t essentially subject to change and accommodate to his lifestyle and the surroundings. From wideopen land with areas, rivers, folks are gradually being moved into the batch country house tightly broken, inadequate light and bad grade living room area. Besides that folks also face many societal evils increasing galloping murder, theft, drugs … do people need to live in panic and disbelief. The fear, do slough away openness, so folks are aloof, and nearly “hide” inside their very own the oasis.

“The Longcave” is just a project within this circumstance on the region of 5x40m. With notions make a spot, not really a property, however it really is really where draining stress, panic, the only real staying calm.
“The Longcave” is motivated distance section of Son Doong cave ), and individual lifetime from the initial length of the cave. When stepping through the doorway and measure in distance with no walls, the distance is really a combination of those “Kho?n tr?ng.” The distinct sectional shape for exactly the exact equivalent area create various feelings for every space. The border between inside and out will be fuzzy off
The name “Son Doong” cave means “mountain lake cave”, it absolutely had been established 2 5 million decades ago by river water eroding off the lime stone within the mountain where the lime stone was so feeble, the ceiling failed creating massive skylights.

Photography by KingKien

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