Mozoquila House from Vieyra Arquitectos

This two-volume single family home situated in Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico, has been created by Vieyra Arquitectos.

Both quantity single family home attached through a bridge, Located directly under the renowned magic mountain referred to while the Tepozteco.

The endemic plant recovered in the region incorporates The structure having its own surroundings, therefore it’s more than the usual straightforward imposition which makes your home component of the whole picture. To attain this notion, local stuff where useful for the implementation and ending of this structure such as lava rock onto the walls that appear to be quite a natural match.

The Occurrence of 2 volumes constructed with the home have Service works; the sunken rock volume is the point where the normal areas just like the dining space, half bath, laundry and laundry perishing annex are observed. It’s separated in the sand volume, at which you are able to locate the 3 bedrooms, each having its own bathroom and walkin cupboard.

To combine this notion There’s an Impressive bridge-terrace Assembled on Travertine marble that produces a special marriage with cohesive and visual terms of some marble pool. The material and its positioning 50cm from the property create this stage some thing both exceptional and deliberate which adopts the volumes which “belong” into the ground.

Photography from Jaime Navarro

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