Property Assortment Inspired By Retro FIAT Cars

Do you love retro cars? If you do, then fee your thinking to the Fiat 500 arrangement Assortment by Meritalia in participation with FIAT. The assortment get by of 3 bit: a coffee board excursion, a mini bar Chend a little sofa Panorama.
All the bit are created on the paltry of the Fiat 500 of 1957. The table is designed from the front item of the car, the mini bar is under the top of the table and is a big sideboard for the alcohol, and it’s available in three variants of crest.

The sofa is also build as a front item of the car, it’s available in skin and fiber. There are different little details to boost the closeness with the car itself. Adorn your living room with retro cars!

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