Safari Style Home Decor

Safari Style Home Decor – Although already the second month, there is no harm in changing the interior atmosphere of the house with a new theme. For you who are bored at home, can try your magic fancy into interesting themes!

This time, we will discuss the idea of ​​converting living room into Safari Style Home Decor or zoo. Why zoo? Let it look more crowded, stylish, different, and natural!


 Display a mini tree at the end of the room

The zoo is always associated with natural nuances. To bring the natural atmosphere inside the living room, you can put a mini-sized tree inside the house.

No need to use the original, for security and comfort, can use imitation trees made of plastic. Let me not have to bother taking care of him.

Place this mini tree in a strategic area huh! For example in the corner of the room near the window or next to a wooden cabinet and TV.

Add animal image wallpaper

To be more lively and support the theme of the zoo in the living room, you can install wallpaper with pictures of leaves, grasslands, or various animals.

Happen color wallpaper with the feel of the room yes. If you can not be too padar image.

Avoid animal-shaped animal motifs that are usually intended for children’s bedroom or playground. Do not let the wrong choice, later the living room even mistaken kindergarten!

A display of deer or bear horns makes the atmosphere more lively

To add to the atmosphere of the living room more “wild”, the display of deer horns and bear or lion head could be the right choice to support the garden atmosphere at home to be more alive.

Hanging lights or pairs of lights in it, let me not just as a decoration. Pajang a high yes, let me be safe and not impressed bush.

Carpets of loreng motifs

When the wallpaper in the living room is quite crowded with animal pictures, you can balance it by choosing a simple animal motif carpet.

For example striped zebra leather motifs or striped motifs with dark colors. This method can prevent the impression of narrow and crowded because of the many motives that exist in one room. Remember, stay elegant and not tacky!

Eits, wear synthetic ones! Besides being more economical, you also help to conserve wild animals!

Animal motif seating

Nuance of the zoo can also be presented through a chair or sofa. How? Complete the room with the chair or leather patterned sofa. Sure, it should be with patterned animals.

You can choose a chair with giraffe-patterned design to create a home atmosphere of the zoo is more cheerful, bright, and eye-catching. Zebras, leopards, and parrots are a great alternative.

Safari Style Home Decor themed living room can be an alternative repellent of boredom for moms who are saturated with striped or geometric motifs. In addition, the theme of the zoo can also be a new way of introducing various animals on the little one. Exclamation right?

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