Solem Stand With Concealed Storage In Each Knee

Copenhagen custom Martin Solem has created a desk that covers wires inside its thighs to prevent areas that were unpleasant.The four tapered table legs each are molded right into a u shape, showing strong in the exterior but with enough room about the internal area to shop cables. An interior canal of thought shields cables, while keeping them in position from getting twisted and maintaining them.

The desk helps produced from curved plywood and has white walnut veneer covers. Hardware power segments to be installed by There’s the choice within the tables, and steel containers may also be included beneath the tabletop to handle office equipment or additional cables.The look, while being extremely light and successfully stylish, offers strong architectural assistance.

The Solem desk represents contemporary Scandinavian style using its traces that are clear, letting it be properly used in numerous industrial and residential options. The Solem sequence can be purchased from restaurant to meeting desk, in a number of different dimensions. Different finishes may also be mixed, with specific models of the furniture offering white or dark areas with plywood sides that were beveled, to help you quickly find a very good choice for office or your home.

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