This Hotel Offers Shark Decorations For Bedroom Underwater Beds Surrounded by Sharks

Sharks are known as lethal predators. But what if we sleep close to this animal habitat? this is one of the ideas of Shark Decorations For Bedroom
 which is very challenging to adrenaline and certainly requires a lot of courage.

An aquarium in France called Aquarium de Paris has manifested it. They
offers an underwater room surrounded by 35 sharks.

Reported by the Daily Mail, guests will sleep in a glass tube-shaped space complete with bed facilities. Shark Decorations For Bedroom consists of a glass room located 10 meters with 360 degree views in a gigantic pool where 35 sharks live on and off.

The opportunity to sleep surrounded by these sharks can be felt from 11-13 April. This opportunity was opened, in an attempt to teach many people about sharks, which they believe is the most deadly animal in the world.

Every night, four people will stay in this bedroom, with Fred Buyle. Fred is a freediver record-breaker, underwater photographer, Shark Decorations For Bedroom lover, and shark lover

Buyle will welcome visitors by performing underwater dances with sharks. Then, guests will be toured in an aquarium with one of the marine biologists to explain how these animals live, why they are so feared, and the importance of their visit to the sea to study this ecosystem.

In other words, this aquarium is specially designed as a shark ecosystem observation.

Alexis L. Powilewicz, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aquarium de Paris said, “We are delighted to be the world’s first aquarium that offers this opportunity for people to be more than just visitors. But, to get an important experience about deeper sharks. ”

“Sharks are vital to the health of marine ecosystems. If they disappear, it will be a major threat to marine ecosystems. Therefore, it is important to be able to observe them in order to better protect them. ”

This shark-themed bedroom will only be open to the public for three days, after which it will be used as a study center for marine biologists.

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