Toilet Lid Sink Combo Ideas

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Here is associate degree exciting new product we would like to share with you. Years ago, a reader asked if we tend to knew of a supply for a Toilet Lid Sink Combo. sadly, the one we tend to found had simply gone out of business.

So, here we tend to currently have the SinkPositive – a cold-water-only sink mounted on high of the bathroom tank. The used sink water goes into the bowl, therefore your rest room tank is rarely full of cleaner water.

The toilet lid sink is associate degree innovative answer that conserves water moreover as house and is extremely easy to put in. It’s conjointly on the market at Mother Earth News searching and at Real product.

We’re certain you’ll realize several uses for this distinctive fixture.

Toilet Lid Sink Combo Concept

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Toilet Lid Sink Combo Ideas

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Toilet Lid Sink Combo

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