Unusual IKEA Bookcases Made From Regular IKEA Flat Pack Furniture – UNIKEA by Kenyon Yeh

Kenyon Yeh is just a youthful Birmingham-centered developer who required regular Ikea flat pack furniture and built the items as he desired to produce bookrack selection and his UNIKEA bookcase. The concept was to consider mass produced furniture and change decoration items that are unique. The selection includes 4 items that share style concept that is related but appears different. All are very costly therefore possibly the concept to create anything similar on your own might be used by you.

KENN features three main quadrilateral shapes along with a triangular niche – parts of this item. One finish, as the different aspect sits about the straight part of the rhomboid is supported by two toes.
DALT is just a bookrack that includes two-pieces featuring geometric designs. The stand has two thighs of different natural shade as the different side is balanced using the aid of a structure mounted on a single aspect.

BRIA is just a rhombus that is dual -like framework, that has been connected in ways that seems as if among the rhombuses has been produced from the different. It’s four feet, that have been provide a different color that is orange. Well suited for piles BRIA, of publications is just a distinctive undertake the bookcase that is most popular.LOPA is just a section of this selection, which can be utilized like a bookstand, characteristics four feet that have been colored in dark. The framework is just a single-piece and it is divided in to three sections which are connected.

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