Vastu Tips For Home Decoration

Vastu Tips For Home Decoration, the meaning of vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science fellow who promotes action in a healthy and prosperous way by creating modifications to your home study.

The waiting room is everywhere a complete family sits and interacts daily.vastu tips for living room decoration gives also space that produces the main impression on the guest. In this very shell, this is the heart of your home.

If you want to make your waiting room in accordance with Vastu, apply the tips vastu shastra tips for home decor next.

Ideal location for your lounge

Because most lounges are located near the door, the location depends on the direction of the face of the house.

For the east or north associate website, the lounge should be in the north-east. For a west-facing website, the lounge should be northwest, and for a south-facing website, it should be in the southeast.

Arrangement of goods from home furnishings

Sofa sets should be placed towards the west and south facing walls. If that is not possible, you will place it on the wall facing east. Serious furniture articles should always be placed in the west or south direction. article furniture should be sq or rectangular in shape, and not round or oval.

Do not muddle article of furniture as this can disrupt free movement and make tension in your lives. Also, avoid exposed beams as sitting underneath one excites your stress zone and disturbs your rational judgment in vital matters.

The sitting arrangement, however, ought to be specified the top of family sits in north or east direction.


Paintings ar a good thanks to embellish your home and have a profound influence on your abode. they’ll either produce a positive atmosphere or have a harmful result.

You should avoid paintings that portray feelings of negativity like violence, death, battle scenes, and wounded animals. The reasoning behind {this is|this is often|this will be} that harmful pictures can play on your sub-conscious mind triggering a negative frame of mind.

The north wall ought to have paintings of water bodies to stimulate the calming facet of water. you’ll even have footage of wealth. The side wall will have a painting or an image of the rising sun that brings in positive energy. The walls facing south and west will have paintings that symbolise strength.

Colours to be Used

The colours you decide on for your lounge must always be within the lighter reminder yellow, pink, green, blue, or perhaps white and not dark colors like black and red. the aim behind this is often that the lounge is full of lightweight from the north and east sides, and also the space can brighten up and appearance massive furthermore.

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