West Elm Curtain Rods Design Ideas

Have you seen West Elm’s Industrial Curtain Rods? I’ve quite fallen enamored with West Elm Curtain Rods, however the value once exchange & shipping would kill my billfold. thus I place my brain to figure to form 2 of them ( in copper ) for beneath twenty bucks. Go grab a cup of low as we’ve got a mini tutorial & video awaiting you!

Above are the beautiful West Elm’s wrestle the commercial Curtain Rod. Thing is, I don’t really think they’re worth over 70+ US Dollars before taxes. Do you? In this blog, I’ll tell you how to get two of

, in your custom color & dimensions for under 20 dollars. If you’re doing the easy math, that’s less than 10 dollars a curtain rod! It’s fast, easy and the end results are pretty stunning.

You need some preparation for this diy west elm curtain rod

1/2″ Copper Tubbing Cut to the length you need.
2 Flanges per curtain rod
2 Elbow tubbing per rod
Spray Paint
Screws To Hang
2 Joining Adapter

We cut our rod to 36″ In length as that’s what we needed, and with the same piece of 1/2″ copper tubbing we cut two 1″ pieces that is between the elbow and the screwed end. Make sense? In this case, it was Home Depot. Watch some fast video on how everything fits perfectly together. Pretty self explanatory, but just in case.

This is what it will look like all put together, not spray painted yet. so grab your spray paint and spray. We like to do two coats.

.And you’re done. The best and least expensive curtain rods ever! Check out our completed photos – I love them, thus fun for a children area or a modern/mid century room!

What does one consider the simplest DIY Copper Curtain Rods? Like them over the West Elm Version? I do. Head to head they’re thus shiny and high finish trying, and it value U.S. Eighteen.73 once everything! You can’t even get one ugly curtain rod for that. Large steal for us! We tend to already had the curtains that we tend to purchased from Home sense over 3 years past. keep tuned for a full area reveal and a number of additional mini DIY comes. Within the next few days we’ll be that includes the simplest DIY Barn Door. Beneath fifty usd and anyone will build one. I’m serious guys, anyone.

middle Century trendy Wood Curtain Rods with Brass Ends and mounting hardware (Quantity 3) with a 24″-48″ adjustable length.
Mod rod. Galvanized by ’50s and ’60s vogue, the Mid-Century lumber Rod’s swish lumber surface and brass-finished mounting hardware add heat to interiors and component curtains. This west elm style Deal is often a killer value and ne’er goes on sale.

Wood veneer with Brass-finished hardware.
Adjustable length.
Assembly required; mounting hardware enclosed.
Maximum weight capacity: thirty three lbs for 28″-48″ rod; thirty three lbs for 44″-108″ rod; one hundred lbs for 108″-144″.
Mounting hardware included: a pair of brackets for rods up to 48″long; three brackets for rods over 48″ long.
Projection (distance between wall and rod): four.4″

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